Physical and virtual server hosting

Kriston Technology provide a range of hosting solutions and services at their data centre specifically for their clients.

Create your own private cloud, managed by Kriston Technology using secure, maintained physical or virtual servers hosted in our data centre to provide client access to shared data, email and services, for individuals, small businesses and branch offices world-wide.

Hosted at a secure data centre with redundant Internet and power and ISO 27001, GDPR, PCI DSS compliance, we can provide quick reliable access to your own private cloud for travelling sales forces and satellite offices, as well as small businesses that want their server(s) hosted to create their own private cloud.

Interested in utilising Microsoft Azure infrastructure? Speak to Kriston Technology about your requirements and let us help you migrate your workloads to the cloud.

Kriston Technology holds a Service Provider Licensing Agreement with Microsoft.

Email Hosting

Kriston Technology provide hosted email services for a number of our clients. The hosted email is fully compatible with the Microsoft Outlook and smart phone clients and provides an extremely cost effective solution for smaller clients that don’t require their own email server.

Website and DNS Hosting

Kriston Technology provide website hosting on shared or dedicated, physical or virtual servers and a managed DNS hosting service on dedicated fault tolerant servers. Managing our clients DNS provides greater flexibility for our clients, allowing us to make changes to DNS settings within minutes. 

We support over 100 businesses with their IT systems.

“As a busy and successful boutique property and construction law firm, we are heavily dependent on the integrity, reliability and security of our IT systems. It is therefore very reassuring to be in Kriston’s very capable hands.”

Debbie Horn

Plainlaw Solicitors

“Kriston Technology were able to provide the professional support Software Imaging needed to update their Business Continuity Plan. Their experience and knowledge allowed us to walk through all areas of the business, identifying risk levels, and customising a continuity plan to support our needs. The whole experience also allowed us re-evaluate some of our existing business processes and remove complexity in some areas. We therefore got a lot more value out of the experience than we were initially expecting.”

Richard Munns

Software Imaging

“Their response is always prompt and constructive. We feel they have taken the time to understand the constraints of our working environment and offer creative and affordable solutions to our problems.”

Gill Tishler

Oxford Citizens Advice Bureau

“We have been impressed – not just with the high standard of work but also with the way the company has been able to tune its services to meet the particular demands and working practices of our mining consultancy partnership.”

Steve Reed

GWP Consultants LLP