Dark Web Monitoring is an essential element of cyber defence, but often overlooked. Kriston Technology offers a straightforward service that scans and detects compromised accounts, helping you to protect your digital assets at an affordable price.

What is the Dark Web?

It may come as a surprise, but only approximately 4% of the web is indexed and accessible by internet search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. This indexable layer of the internet is known as the Surface Web.

The remaining 96% of websites is made up of the Deep Web and the Dark Web. The Deep Web are sites locked behind passwords and MFA, only accessible with the right credentials. Consider your bank. Its main website for customer entry, services and products is available via major search engines and sits on the Surface Web, but your current accounts, savings accounts, and mortgage accounts are only accessible once you’ve verified your identity and logged in, this is the Deep Web.

The third layer is known as the Dark Web, it is a portion of the internet not indexed by search engines, and the content that isn’t visible via regular browsers. Instead, browser like Tor need to be used, which provides anonymity to the user. Criminals use the dark web to exchange stolen credentials, leak data, sell malware, launch phishing campaigns, run bot-nets, sell drugs, exchange child pornography, and has been used for terrorism.

How does Dark Web Monitoring Work?

Dark Web Monitoring continuously searches the Dark Web for credential compromise threats by monitoring for your credentials listed in:

  • Chat rooms
  • Private Websites
  • Unindexed sites
  • P2P networks
  • IRC channels
  • Sociale media platforms
  • Black market sites
  • 640,000 Bot nets

You can extend the protection to personal email addresses of executives, and reduce the risk of Supply Chain Attack by monitoring key supplier domains.

What are the benefits of Monitoring the Dark Web?

Egress Filtering

Dark Web Monitoring helps identify compromised credentials that users might not be aware of, allowing IT to reset credentials, and reducing the window of opportunity for criminals to steal sensitive data.

Authentication Attacks

Dark Web Monitoring increases the chances of identifying and reducing data breaches, by identifying compromised accounts, and taking action before they are sold on black markets and used.

Privilege Escalation

Dark Web Monitoring can help reduce the time between a data breach occurring and finding out one has occurred. If the worst has happened, the quicker you are aware of it, the quicker mitigations can be put in place.

Don’t Ignore the Dangers of the Dark Web

Let Kriston Technology’s Dark Web Monitoring service keep an eye on the Dark Web for you, so you don’t have to. We’ll send you a Dark Web alert if anything is found that puts you at risk, and work with you to put a resolution in place. 

Kriston Technology can help you boost your cyber security protection and set up Dark Web monitoring. Call us today on 01993 880 980 to lower your risk profile.