Do you require a bespoke Access or VBA coding solution?

Kriston Technology can provide bespoke coding solutions using Access and VBA. Our bespoke coding solutions often save our customers many hours of labour and reduces the potential for human error in large scale data analysis and processing.

Some examples of the work we’ve been commissioned to undertake by clients is:

  • A customer had a requirement to identify specific emails stored over multiple mailboxes containing over 500,000 emails based upon a number of complicated search criteria. We developed Visual Basic code to satisfy this requirement within a few days and carried out a task that would have been impossible with the standard tools.
  • A customer in the Pharmaceutical industry were running a series of tests on their product which produced hundreds of small text files, they were using Excel and a manual process to analyse the data in summary form. The analysis process was taking over a week to process one set of files. We developed an Access system that imported the data, processed it and produced the analysis in a matter of minutes.
  • We developed a system in Access for a local Taxi company to process Accounts information. The company wanted the information processed and presented in a very specific way and had failed to identify off the shelf software which could do the job. The database we developed reduced the processing time from days to a few hours a month.
  • We work with a local company that have to process Excel files that are sent by a large corporate company in a very particular fashion. The format in which the data is sent makes it very difficult to process and so we have developed a small Access system to import the data, present it in a way in which it can be easily processed and then exported again in the format required by the customer.
  • Along with these examples we have written many small routines in Visual Basic for the standard Office programs to carry out specific and often complicated processes which would have taken many, many hours if they had to have been done manually.

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“Kriston’s high level of technical expertise and on call support has resulted in a highly stable and effective IT system.”

Ian Brent-Smith

Powersun Limited

Their response is always prompt and constructive. We feel they have taken the time to understand the constraints of our working environment and offer creative and affordable solutions to our problems .”

Gill Tishler

Oxford Citizens Advice Bureau

“Nothing really ever fazes them, they are completely professional and inspire confidence.”

Alain de Botton

Writer, philospher, TV presenter and entrepreneur

I would like to thank Kriston for their professional approach and time spent to ensure we had the correct structure for our move to SharePoint. The implementation was planned and prepared for to the finest detail which meant we were able to continue working without disruption. The support and efficiency that we have received has been second to none. Having Kriston’s support has not only helped our business move quickly on implementing SharePoint, but improved the smooth running of the business on a day to day basis. We cannot recommend them enough. “

Victoria Martinelli

Lemongrass Marketing

The Oxford Trust became Kriston’s client in 2013 and we have been really impressed with their IT services. Their consultants (our special thanks to Jack Cheung) do an excellent job with ongoing IT maintenance and support; they also understand the needs and budgetary constraints of a small charity with suggestions to improve our IT structure and reduce costs at the same time. They recently helped us migrate to the Office 365 and finalised the move during the Covid-19 lock down. Job well done! We would recommend Kriston Technology to anyone looking for quality IT services, delivered in a professional manner. “

Jane Braddock

The Oxford Trust