We take data backup very seriously; it is seen as one of the most important areas of IT services we provided to our clients. Therefore, Kriston Technology are proud to be a Veeam Silver Cloud Solution Provider, allowing us to safely and securely offer remote online backups to our clients.

Our services include, ensuring that you are using the best backup solution for your circumstances. Backup is not simply a service for servers anymore, with data distributed on servers, in the cloud and on laptops that are infrequently in the office, we have a solution that will fit your particular scenario and requirements.

Consider your current backup product:

  • When was your backup device or media last checked?
  • When did you last check which files and folders are included?
  • When did you last run a restore from a previous back-up?
  • How quickly can you restore data?
  • Have you ever performed a Disaster Recovery test?

If you can’t answer all of the questions above, then let Kriston Technology audit and test your current backup solutions and see if it meets your requirements. 

Online, offsite, LTO, disk-based, RTO, RPO, RTPO, air-gapped, the world of backups is full of acronyms and terms you might not be familiar with. At Kriston Technology we can help explain and advise on all the different options available to protect your data.

Finally, deciding which type of backup best fits your requirements is often the first step to a more in-depth conversation regarding Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. The type of backup employed, media used, and location of the backup will all have a bearing on the speed of recovery in the event of an IT disaster. Kriston Technology has worked with numerous clients, from 5 to 100+ employees helping put in place a full Disaster Recovery solution.

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