Cisco Umbrella

Antivirus software is an essential component in protecting your computers from cyber threats, but the malicious traffic has to be on your computer to be detected and blocked. What if you could prevent cyber threats before they get onto your computer?

Cisco Umbrella provides DNS layer and IP layer security to protect your computers. With more people using laptops and working from home Cisco Umbrella can protect your infrastructure wherever it is, whether you have home or remote workers, road warriors or offsite meetings at customer premises.

Every time your computer visits a website or talks to a server, a DNS lookup is performed to convert the URL ( in the example below) into an IP address. By using IP and DNS layer security, any requests to malicious sites and servers are blocked from returning the IP address of the compromised site or server, so the malicious traffic never reaches your computer.

Cisco Umbrella Internetbadguys

In our experience, combining layers of security from different vendors provides the best protection for your organisation. A threat that is new to one vendor may be known to another, therefore by using multiple vendors and products, your computers remain protected.

Cisco Umbrella is just one of the many security vendors we’ve partnered with to protect our customers from Cyber Security threats.

If you would like to know more about Cisco Umbrella, visit our dedicated page here, or call us on 01993 880 980 to start a free trial.


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